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E-MAILS Data                                              

Why e-mail Marketing ?

56% rated of small business surveyed e-mail as the top Online Promotion Tool to increase their Sales and intern maximize the profits, with a very little expense on marketing. e-mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business of all types and sizes. No matter how you define success, you can achieve outstanding results with e-mail marketing while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money instead of other traditional ways.

Why is e-mail a gold mine as far as business is concerned......? The #1 killer approach on the internet today and tomorrow is e-mail Marketing. Experts and small Businesses are agreeing it. There are Billions and Millions of People sending and receiving Zillions of e-mails per a day on Word wide on Internet. Like you and we. With the manner now you can earn Big Money with same e-mails sending to others with our Tips and Techniques. Any body can do its Easy( COPY-PASTE-SEND).

There is a module in i NetCash where in, you can use e-mail database to promote various Affiliate Campaigns. And it is an excellent option of Online and Home Based work system to get Big amount, to go for along with i NetCash within a short time.

Databases available in a set of 2 CDs for i NetCash OrderNow
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70,00,000 OF E-MAIL IDs available in Database 1 & 2 CD's.


Young People of INDIA
Contains 25,000 Male and Female e-mail ids record of young people of INDIA with details like name, age, sex , e-mail etc...

Indian Yahoo e-mail ids (Over 8 Lacs)
By using these new collection of email ids you can reach over lacs of Indian Yahoo users.

Indian Hotmail e-mail ids (Over 6 Lacs)
By using these new collection of email ids you can reach over lacs of Indian Hotmail Users.

Rediffmail e-mail addresses (Over 7 Lacs )

By using these new collection of email ids you can reach over lacs of Indian Rediffmail Users

VSNL Ids of all major cities in India with citywide folders (Over 8 Lacs )
By using these new collection of email ids you can reach over lacs of Indian VSNL Users.

India Companies Database (Over 14 Lacs )
Contains more than 60,000 complete details of companies/Industries including exporters all over India.

Mumbai Companies Database
Contains more than 75,000 complete details of Mumbai Companies / Industries all over Mumbai.

Contains 2000 Records of doctors in Mumbai and very close to Mumbai with details such as name, address, telephone ( Res and clinic) and e-mail ids.

Pune Companies Yellow Page Database
Contains 1010 Records containing Company Name, Address , Telephone, Email ids, City and Category.

Indian Hotels Directory
Rich 1800+ of Hotels and Restaurants all over India with Indian Hotels Directory.

Indian Corporate Database
More than 2,50,000(2.5 lacs) Indian Corporate with full contract details including Name, Company Name, Address, Phone no., Fax No. and Email ids.

And many more...


NRI's (Non Residential Indians) database
The Database includes complete contact details of over 1,50,000 (1.5 lacs) NRIs residing all over the world. Details include Name, Full Postal Address including country and Postal Code, Phone Number, Fax Number and email Ids.

High Society Peoples Database
It contains Indian Important 450 High Society Peoples data. VIPs)

Top 500 Blue Chip Companies
The CD covers Top 500 Blue Chip Companies.

American Companies Database
Contains 1.6 million (16 lakhs) American Companies records. First Name, Last name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Fax Number.

Gulf Business Database
Over 20,000 Records of Gulf Business People email ids.

Singapore Exporters Database
Contains 3500 company names, addresses, postal code, Telephone, Tele fax, Website Address, e-mail Address.

World Business Database
More than 3,00,000 (3 lacs) records from all over the world with full contact details including email ids.

And many More...


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