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Passed the $200 Mark with

I'm so excited. I waiting to get my very first check from (A.S.P) Affiliate Service Providers over the $200 mark. I have a Large size designer shoe blog for women, Your Feet Make You Unique. My goal is to make at least $500 in commissions by September 2009. So, I just wanted to let those of you know that affiliate marketing does work. It's taken me over 2 years to make this amount, but I'm here. So I know that I can reach my ultimate goal of at least $1000 a month. I'm trying learn everything I can to increase my commissions and attract women who are looking to buy large-sizes shoes. I currently use Blogger. I'm trying to figure out the whole data feeds thing now. I'm sure that will help me.


Due to objection raised by the Cheque issuing Bank and Rules & Regulations of Cyber Laws, in some cheques, part of text like 'Name',  'Bank',  'Date', 'Cheque number' etc... Not Shown        


How I made $100 000 with affiliate marketer exposed!!

I just wanted to add, I believe you when you say you were able to grow three blogs, over the span of 8 months (without getting any traffic for the first few months), enough to generate 16K+ per month with 100% organic traffic.

Hell, that's the exact same method I used to generate over 1 billion USD last month alone.



woo hoo my first $400 dollar month


man this is great, made my first 400 dollar month

1st $100
2nd $400

lets hope next will be $800.










Received my First Check From for $2025 + PICTURE OF IT! WOOOHOOO

First month and I already got yesterday My first check from them of $2025 It was so amazing to touching 2025Bucks! mmm
Taken Picture of my Check here , and Today already Walked with it to bank.


                      O R D E R  N O W 



Hurray!!! I Received My First  Check!!! Video Inside!

Guys.. that is damn cool you know.. I wait for 3 months after I open my account and now I get my first check! although it just $136.07 check, but this mean a lot too me! Thanks everyone in DP who have help and guide me for so long, (until today), and I believe that  not just a conned stuff, it's real!!!

Just watch my video how excited am I! lox 

 I can't close my mouth, really really really happy!!!




My first month with ends in 2 days $224.25 commission

I've made almost 225 dollars in commissions so far. My site still sucks, but it was really bad the first couple of weeks - so I'm very happy so far. I used Click bank before coming on board and couldn't sell hardly any of their crap.

(A.S.P) Affiliate Service Providers has the quality products that can help you succeed. I can't wait for my second month!





My Son Made $257

Hey all. I guess this is a bragging post, but I'm bragging on my little boy. So that's ok, right?
Long story short: My son has a little football fan site I helped him set up (he's 10 years old). He works on the site at least a time or two every week. Well, last year I helped him set up one page in particular with some  links in it to Stub Hub. We made the page after the end of last season and just forgot about it.
I don't do anything with so I never check the status of the account. But a few days ago I got a check in the mail for $257 from them. I said, "What in the heck is that for? I thought I replaced all the(A.S.P) Affiliate Service Providers links long ago?"
So I looked them up online and realized the check was from that single page on my boy's fan site. It turns out that folks are starting to buy football tickets for this season, and a few bought them thru links on his site. One sale in particular was for $2k, which my son received a commission of $160 for!
The moral of the story? I guess if a 10 year old boy can make $257 with a single page that took 10 whole minutes to make, us grown ups should be able to bank a grand or better per page.
P.S. I'm very proud of my boy. He is an IM in the making.















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